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The eleven resistance welders pictured above were only part of what was required for this project. Several other more specialized welders were also required. MLS Systems had the capability to design and build them all with plenty of room to spare for other projects.

Standard and Special Resistance Welders

  • AC/DC Spot and Projection Welders
  • Cross Wire Rack and Shelf Welders
  • Compressor Projection Welders
  • Robotic Weld Cells
  • Seam Welders
  • Automation for all of the above

MID-Frequency Welding

MFDC welding is a resistance welding process using high frequency to provide a weld. There are many advantages with this welding process. The power supply is physically smaller than equivalent 3 Phase DC power supplies. The primary demand is lower than equivalent AC or DC welding processes. There is up to 10% less total energy used to produce a weld versus conventional AC welding process. This process provides microsecond control over welding process and attains weld current immediately. Weld times can be decreased as much as 33% versus conventional AC welding process. The weld currents and weld forces are lower and the heat zone is reduced. This can increase the life of welding electrodes as well as make welding small or thin parts more effective. It can also improve spot welding of hard to weld materials such as coated steels or aluminum.

These images are concepts and final builds of a mid-frequency welder used for attaching fittings onto water heater tanks.

Put our knowledge and experience in mid-frequency welding to work for your resistance welding process.

Our team of engineers can custom design a mid-frequency welder to fit your process requirements.

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