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Efficiency is the keyhere's how we do it

We integrate your data in any type of electronic format with our proprietary software, enabling us to provide you with efficient, economical solutions in a timely manner. This minimizes error by eliminating human intervention and simplifying work flow. We also tailor our machine tools to your product to make the most efficient part, always meeting your requirements whether it is same-day delivery, tolerances, or individualized part identification.

In addition to general turning and milling, we are capable of 5-axis continuous machining and multi-axis turning that offers you many advantages, including the ability to machine complex geometry in a single setup. This reduces lead time and increases production rates. It also minimizes operator intervention, reducing the possibility of error while improving accuracy using the same datum reference frame throughout the process. We machine a wide variety of material from plastics to aerospace alloys including hard turning and hard milling heat treated materials, eliminating additional operation.

The Solution

  • We provide a complete solution from concept to finished product.
  • Our engineering support will provide you with the assistance needed to achieve the best possible results.
  • We are committed to providing you with the optimum product by identifying your part’s critical features and designing a manufacturing process focused on eliminating the risk associated with them.
  • By combining our efficient processes with our stocked raw materials, we are able to ship your product the same day, often within hours of your initial request. We eliminate your inventory by offering just-in time delivery.
  • Together we will identify the key components and develop a custom process designed to improve accuracy while minimizing cycle time and cost.
  • We are able to ship your parts complete by providing all outside service requirements including heat treating, anodizing, plating, powder coating, painting, coating, cryogenic services and other types of product processes including individualized part identification.
  • We utilize our valued supplier’s knowledge and involve them in assisting us to provide you with better materials, quicker delivery, and cost-efficient products.


Our ISO 9001: 2008 Standard compliant quality system assures we are able to maintain your quality requirements through the effective application of our system that includes processes for continuous improvement, in-process and total inspection before delivery.


We are committed to providing you with the optimum product by identifying your part’s critical features and designing a manufacturing process focused on eliminating the risk associated with them.


At MLS, our goal is to provide you with quick, accurate solutions to your machining needs. Utilizing proprietary customized processes from start to finish, we can provide products that exceed your expectations in the shortest amount of time.


[icon icon=”fa fa-bar-chart” position=”icon-left” title=”Integrating Software with Efficient Machining Strategies”]We are able to adapt our machine processes and machine tools to your product’s unique specifications, providing superior results while greatly reducing lead time and cutting costs[/icon]


Proven Heat Treat Method

  • Extends Tool Life
  • Reduces Your Part Cost

Single Setup Machining

  • Eliminates TIR
  • Tighter Tolerances

Same-Day Shipping

  • Reduces Your Machine Downtime
  • Eliminates Inventory

Quick Response to Engineering Design Changes

  • Customer’s product to market faster

Tire Mold Sidewall Inserts (Pocket Plates)

  • Load Plates
  • Construction Plates
  • Name Brand Plates
  • Service Description Plates
  • E-Mark/ECE Plates
  • DOT Plugs
  • Engraved or Blanks
  • Modify Sidewalls to accept Inserts
  • Same-Day Delivery

Mold and Container Components

Tread Segment Engraving


MLS’s team of machinists has a diverse combination of experience and equipment to deliver full-service solutions to our customers. From 4th and 5th axis milling capabilities, grinding, boring and turning, MLS’s machining group is there to support your business operations on both a typical and emergency basis. We are fully capable to handle any size project to meet your requirements. From reverse engineered “one off” parts to high volume production runs, you can count on MLS to be a full solution for your out-sourced machining requirements.

MLS’s team of mechanical engineers and skilled tradesmen are able to perform a full range of onsite mechanical services and preventative maintenance. Whether it is millwright services, welding, piping, cutting, assembly/disassembly, laser alignment, machine rebuilds or light rigging, we have both the knowledge and experience to tackle your in-plant service needs to keep your operation running at peak efficiency.

MLS’s Industrial team has the skills to take on a wide range of fabrication needs. Our 50.000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Findlay, Ohio allows us to manage any size project. This includes: (1) 15-ton and (3) 5-ton overhead cranes, metal shear, metal brake, MIG and TIG welders, and paint booth to handle anything from start to finish. Additionally, with a team of in-house engineers and support staff, MLS can design, build and offer a turn-key solution for your company.

MLS provides full range of electrical support services for the industrial market. Our team can also design and build high-efficiency control systems that range form push-button and relay logic to PLC and SCADA computer based solutions. We also offer on-site equipment troubleshooting, utility drops for equipment installations, and routine electrical inspections as part of your preventative maintenance plan. You can count on MLS to provide quality design, installation, and support for your industrial electrical needs.

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