More Welding Systems

Open Arc Weld - Tig, Mig, and Plasma Welding

This multi station machine had an eight foot diameter dial table with eight stations where parts were riveted and plasma welded to make the completed appliance assemblies.

The group of machines above was designed and built to MIG weld automotive assemblies. These machines utilized state of the art Mig welding equipment which sensed and adjusted weld parameters through the welding arc. If welds fell outside of the process window the part was flagged as bad and rejected.

This machine was designed and built to perform four identical MIG welds simultaneously to produce automotive assemblies.

Friction Weld - Spin Welding Systems

This machine incorporated a high speed pneumatic screw gun to spin weld fastener buttons into plastic liner tubs, this station contained guiding, locators, and supports so that operators could easily lower the unit into the tub on the production line and perform the spin welding operation.