Trim & Pierce Equipment Methods

L-Shear Trimming Machine Equipment

Manually loaded and Un-loaded L Shear for trimming flanges on refrigerator liners.

L-Shear used to trim flanges on high impact polystyrene thermoformed refrigerator liners, with overhead part transfer for automatically loading and unloading.

Straight Shear Trimmer Systems

MLS Systems has built single and dual straight shear systems like the one pictured here. This station includes rotating liner locating tooling in front of the shear.

View of scrap chute on straight shear while under construction at MLS Systems

View of serrated teeth on two post straight shear.

View of C-frame style straight shear for trimming refrigerator liners.

Router System - Routing Trim and Pierce Profiling

In addition to conventional methods of trimming, MLS Systems can add router capability to your line system for increased flexibility. MLS Systems can integrate a router for trimming and profiling with your conventional trimming and piercing operations.


MLS Systems will custom design your router system to fit your application. Above you see a gantry mounted router system with precision guiding.

Shown above is a router equipped with a vacuum nozzle for chip removal.