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   MLS Systems can build your thermoformer in any configuration you need. The thermoforming system provided by MLS Systems will be custom designed to your specifications. MLS Systems has provided thermoforming systems and related equipment to many of the top appliance manufacturers. Our systems feature a combination of both Vacuum and Blowforming capability. MLS Systems has built thermoforming systems with up to 100-PSI pressure forming capability.

MLS Systems can provide either hydraulic or servo-actuation for the main sheet transfer and form station platens. MLS Systems has built all types of ancillary trimming and piercing equipment to accompany our thermoformers. We can provide: hydraulic and servo controlled L shears, box shears, straight shears, corner nips, up-acting and down-acting shears, toggle action shears, liner routing systems, and press style liner door trimming and piercing equipment. MLS Systems also provides all types of liner transfer equipment.


Trim and Pierce Capability
MLS Systems can provide both in line and off line trimming and piercing capability.
For more information please see our web page highlighting our trim and pierce equipment capability.

MLS Systems machines are built to be more rugged than our European or other North American competitors

Our thermoformers can handle a broad range of sheet sizes.
54 x 85, 24 x 50

MLS Systems Destack Station Features dual destack bays with sheet load carts. Our redundant vacuum lift carriage is designed to accommodate a broad range of sheet sizes with no changeover. The central crowding bay is designed to accommodate top mount, bottom mount or side by side models with no changeover. Double sheet detection can be provided by MLS Systems in the central crowding bay via rotary clamp and capacitive sensing. Our dual destack bays can be built to your specifications. The MLS Systems central crowding bay is designed to accommodate both bottom mount and SxS with no changeover. MLS Systems can supply a redundant vacuum system which flexes each sheet as it lifts them from the stack to help prevent picking of two sheets. MLS Systems can supply knife blade style sheet separators in our destacker bays to prevent the picking of double sheets. Some MLS Systems designs also employ devices such as a rotating sheet thickness detector in the central sheet crowder bay to prevent double sheet picks.
MLS Systems also utilizes capacitive sheet thickness detectors. Destack crowder adjustments for dual loading bays are made from outside the guarding allowing for changeover of one bay while sheets are being destacked from the other bay.

MLS Systems Heater Bank Stations offer:
  Retracting Heater Banks
  Sheet Sag Protection
  Zone Control of both Preheat and Final Heat Beds
  Heater Banks Index out of position pneumatically
  Zone Control of Heater Banks per your specifications
  Clamp frames adjust for width with main transfer

MLS Systems Retractable heater banks with interlocked guarding and asbestos-free wiring per your specifications. MLS Systems heat bank clamp frame adjustment clamp frames adjust for sheet length with main transfer. Clamp frames adjust for sheet width via water cooled inserts.  MLS Systems also offers-Infra-Red Sheet Scanning Equipment. MLS Systems offers Lexan windows on heater bank guards.

MLS Systems Form Station Features:
Per your specification, MLS Systems will supply a manifold change system. In the past, MLS Systems has incorporated many different clamp designs for reduction frames. MLS Systems has provided designs with 6 to 8 clamps.

MLS Systems Form Station Features:
MLS Systems can provide a vacuum or pressure bell with air diffusing capability. Form stations can be equipped with fans to supply cooling air to the vacuum bell. These fans are generally mounted to the frame with flexible ducting to the vacuum bell.

MLS Systems Transfer Station Features:
  Main transfer opening up to 57 in width
  Servo controlled transfer drive system
  Pin bar design for sheet clamping
  Water cooled sheet transfer carriage with Teflon hose
     covered with stainless steel wire braiding

Another transfer station special feature is view inside the main sheet transfer which can be designed to accommodate up to a 57 opening. MLS Systems has many different and very reliable sheet transfer width adjustment systems to offer.


Rotary Thermoformers

Rotary Thermoforming systems
(shown above - or - view large illustration)

MLS Systems offers both in-line and rotary thermoforming capability.
Since we are a custom equipment manufacturer your rotary system can be custom designed with servo or hydraulic platen actuation.

Many options are available with regard to product pass line heights, product load and unload features and heater bank controls and diagnostics as well as machine controls packages we can offer.


MLS Systems Trim & Transfer Station Features:
In many cases a common redundant vacuum cup design that accommodates all part models can be provided to reduce changeover time. Our trim stations feature contoured trim locating tooling to secure the inside of liners. Machines can be equipped with a servo controlled liner support table giving flexibility for future models of parts.
MLS Systems trim equipment liner transfer system will have a redundant vacuum system for both liner lift units. Vacuum cup design will accommodate many models with no changeover. MLS Systems can incorporate contoured liner locators to support the liners during the shearing and corner nipping operations. Proper liner locator support is critical to achieving acceptable trims. In the past we have designed many different styles of locators for a variety of applications like the ones pictured here.
Trim & transfer station features scrap can be trimmed to manageable sizes. Scrap is directed from the trim operation via scrap chutes. Routing systems can be incorporated into stations such as corner nipping stations. The Router head can be outfitted with a spindle cover and vacuum system for chip removal.
Trim & transfer station can be designed to perform the separation of liners and also perform some corner nip operations. The separate unit tooling can be designed to be adaptable to possible future nip contour changes with trim blade changes on upper and lower blades.

MLS Systems can supply a C frame nip-station similar to the one pictured here.

MLS Systems Equipment Access:
  Per your specification, MLS Systems will provide access to
    items such as gauges and valves from outside the guarding.
  MLS Systems can supply operator control panels with pushbuttons or touchscreens.
  MLS Systems can provide temperature control units with mold purge per your specifications.
  Temperature control units to your specifications; Sterlco or Mokon
The MLS Systems designed thermoformers can be built with Standard US Components and materials per your specifications.