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MLS Systems world class facilities in Findlay, Ohio

Partners and Associates

MLS Systems offers SINGLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY in the design and manufacturing of quality automatic and semiautomatic material handling/working, welding, and assembly systems. We also have proven capabilities in laser processing technology.
We are fully capable of providing custom-designed machinery (and related operating systems & controls) from original concept / design through actual testing and setup in your plant.
SINGLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY makes MLS Systems a uniquely qualified supplier.

Authorized Distributor for

MLS Systems is an authorized distributor for:
Entron, BF Entron, I.T. Equipment, Parker Automation - Automation Partners, Weltronic & Medar - Divisions of WTC, Technitron, Robotron, MLS Systems/Heron Welders, American Welding Society Members.

MLS Systems Parker Automation Integrator Partnership

MLS Systems is an authorized Parker Automated Partner.

Parker Hydraulics... Your Source For Total System Solutions,
Components, Systems, and Partnerships That Work.
Ask Us About The 5-Year Parker Warranty...

MLS Systems is an authorized Parker Automated Partner. This assures that systems are designed, fabricated, and assembled utilizing the full support and co-operation of the manufacturer. This allows MLS Systems to pass through extended warranties on the pneumatic and hydraulic sub-systems.

Why make MLS Systems your number one choice?

  • We have over 20 years experience building High Quality equipment with 100's of years experience from MLS Systems Associates
  • We have an Unmatched "on time delivery" record.
  • We are a Full Service Company covering design, build, tryout, development, install, and start-up.
  • We offer Turnkey equipment designed and built to your process needs and specific requirements.
  • We supply On-site run-off and acceptance support on all projects.

We Have Unequaled Customer Support: Available 24 / 7 / 365 Days Per Year

  • U.S.A. Customer Service Support: ( 4 1 9 ) 4 2 4 - 0 0 6 2
  • Mexico Customer Service Support Contact:
         Promotores Tecnicos, S.A. De C.V.
         Mexico City: ( 5 5 ) 5 2 7 3 - 8 3 5 2
         Monterrey: ( 8 1 ) 8 3 3 6 - 3 7 3 3

MLS Systems offers SINGLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY in the design and manufacturing of high quality automatic and semi-automatic material handling/working, welding, and assembly systems. Specializing in Quality, Service, Delivery and Value to the Customer. MLS Systems, a custom equipment design and manufacture powerhouse for over 25 years, and a proven industry leader in custom high quality equipment and automation solutions.


Awards & Recognition

MLS Systems has received many awards of excellence, due in part to our dedicated workforce, project management, and reputation for "on-time" delivery; as well as our uniquely qualified dedication to be your "Single Source Responsibility" supplier/partner.


CMM/Quality Assurance

Portable & Standard CMM Capabilities

Standard CMM Quality Lab

The MLS Systems associate shown above is collecting data from an assembly which was produced from a trial production run on our floor.

Portable Arm CMM

The MLS Systems associate pictured here is collecting data in the Bending Station of an MLS Systems designed production line with the aid of a Portable Arm CMM. This portable device allows for dimensional inspection in virtually any location with minimal disruption of the manufacturing process.

Our Standard CMM capabilities, together with our Portable CMM capabilities allow us to collect solid data through every phase of the building process. All of our CMM systems utilize PCDMIS software (Personal Computer Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard). This further enhances our capabilities, giving us the ability to make fast comparisons between "as-built" and "as-designed" data, as well as the ability to easily reverse-engineer existing components in a CAD-friendly environment.

MLS Systems has extensive experience with widely accepted quality assurance standards such as CPK and Six Sigma, and our cutting edge capabilities further enhance our ability to satisfy the customer's quality assurance requirements.

    MLS Systems has 3-D design capability.

Many of the machines built at MLS Systems today are being designed with the latest in 3-D modeling software. This sophisticated machine design software helps to eliminate mistakes in engineering as well as on the assembly shop floor by helping workers to better visualize the final machine design.