Gasket Seat Line Automated Equipment

Gasket Seating Machines/Custom Automated Lines

 MLS Systems has designed many different types of gasket seating machines for the white goods industry. The one pictured was designed to meet the customers 15-second cycle time requirements as well as identify and perform in-cycle automatic change between six different part sizes.

Gasket Seating Servo Systems/HMI Terminal

This line was equipped with three different servo systems to perform the seating operation and adjust for the various product sizes. Operators could make adjustments and select from a variety of different seating menus, or custom program new ones through the Human Machine Interface terminal.

Dual-Load Conveyor System Gasket Seating Machine


This custom system was designed so operators could load parts from both sides of the line to the main in-feed conveyor system.

Dual-Load Conveyor System Gasket Seating Machine

This system was equipped with sophisticated machine controls and diagnostics software that was custom designed to monitor process parameters. Data collected could be displayed on the HMI terminal or through the central factory information system.