MLS Systems - Custom Metal Bending & Forming

Custom Bending Machines and Applications

MLS Systems has built many styles and types of bending machines as well as custom applications like the machine above. This machine forms blanked material into cones and then spot welds the lapped joint. Blanked material can be loaded into either side of the dual destack station. From there, a transfer shuttle presents the material to the form tooling which wraps the material around a mandrel, then spot welds it together and discharges it to a gondola at the front of the machine. The cycle time of this machine is seven seconds.

Close up picture of the clamshell form tooling and mandrel of the form and weld machine.

This group of machines utilized hydraulically actuated C-frame presses and rocker roller bend tooling to perform pseudo tangent bends on painted steel cabinet panels. MLS Systems can provide wing bending, tangent bending, or wiping equipment custom designed to meet your needs. Bends can be performed pneumatically, hydraulically, or via servo depending upon your process requirements and budget constraints.

Close up view of two C-frame bending machines with two post die guiding.

MLS Systems has purchased and integrated roll forming operations into production lines like the one pictured above. MLS Systems also has the capability to perform rebuilds to roll forming equipment.

This dual wing bender produces large cabinets of various sizes and widths. The bender design incorporates a servo positioning system which orients each panel before bending. The bender is told what panel it is receiving and adjusts on the fly to produce bends for a particular size/model. Once bent, the cabinets are transferred out of the front of the bender.

This dual bend wing machine was built for prototype bending and low volume production runs to produce small cabinets. Bend width could be easily adjusted via hand wheel. A digital readout was also supplied to insure precise adjustment of the bend width. 

This machine feeds pre-straightened and cut to length wires from a hopper, then performs several bends in a small die press to make axle wires, then discharges them into a tote at the front of the machine.

This machine produces support assemblies for washing machines. This machine produces 16 spot welds, pierces four holes, and bends four tabs simultaneously during each machine cycle.

This machine produces bent wire assemblies. Wires are hand fed into guide rails where they are singulated and bent into the desired shape via contoured tooling. Bends are produced by hydraulically actuated cylinders.

MLS Systems can provide large press brake benders.

This machine produces multiple bends in tine comb wires. Up to 18 bends can be performed simultaneously by contoured tooling every 5 seconds.

This machine produces condenser coils. Banding material is first roll formed then welded to tubes which are then servo bent (as many as four at a time) to produce condenser coils.

This machine automatically decoils, straightens, then cuts tubing to length before bending it to produce heat loop tubes for refrigerators. Bent tubes are then automatically transferred out of the machine via gantry conveyor.