Custom Automation

This synchronous carousel system was designed to test TV picture tubes utilizing 40,000 volts. High voltage testing machines such this one have special design and manufacturing considerations.

MLS Systems also has experience in custom fabricated part hangers for monorail type conveyors. Above are custom hangers for TV picture tubes.

This machine was built for a tire re-treading company. This machine is used to remove material and prepare truck tires for re-treading.

This machine incorporated bowl feeding of parts to a flexible link conveyor with laser welding.

Here you see a non-synchronous palletized conveyor system under construction at our facility. This system performed tube bending on copper and aluminum evaporator assembly tubes. Pallets were transferred from station to station via drag chain conveyor which incorporated pop-up stops and pallet lifts for traffic control. This system spanned hundreds of feet and included 90-degree turntables and two pallet pick and place systems. Some operations performed on the system included; ultrasonic welding , tube insertion, tube crimping, epoxy applications, decay leak test, ultrasonic cleaning, and bowl feeding as well as tube bending and bracket assembly operations.

This machine design featured an eight station dial table and laser welding equipment. Filter shells were singulated and transferred from a flexible link conveyor to a Cam actuated pick and place transfer unit which placed them onto the dial table. Once on the dial table the shells were laser welded to hermetically seal them.

This test machine rotated drums
at 3,000 rpm and used a laser to
check them for concentricity.

This machine was a panel line stacker produced for an appliance manufacturer. MLS Systems has produced many custom stacking/destacking and part transfer systems over our history.

 Servo driven pick and place gantry for moving refrigerator doors.

 Condenser spine fin bend and bracket assembly station. Aluminum tubes are bent and mounting brackets are attached to the condenser.

 This high speed wire de-burring machine was cam operated. Wires were hopper fed to gripper tooling then the wire ends were chamfered before discharging them out the front of the machine into a collection hopper. Wires of varying lengths could be batch run through this machine.

 This machine was custom designed to interface with the customers existing extruder line. After leaving the extruder, ABS or HIPS plastic panels were conveyed, flipped and stacked to either the right side, left side, or out the end of the machine.

 This machine was custom designed to process small diameter copper tubing. This machine will decoil, straighten, cut to length, and perform multiple bends to copper tubes to produce heat loop assemblies for refrigerators. Diagnostics and all manual & automatic functions are controlled through the HMI on the front of the machine.

What has MLS Systems Done for the MAJOR APPLIANCE INDUSTRY?

Custom Solutions and Application Design & Implementation

  Cabinet line equipment - pre-paint and post-paint
  Plastic liner inline thermoformers, trim and pierce equipment
  Compressor weld equipment and assembly machines
  Condenser welding
  Evaporator Form and Assembly Equipment
  Door Form and Assembly Equipment - Pre-paint and Post Paint
  Back/Bottom Form, Process, and Assembly Systems

  Wrapper Form and Assembly Equipment
  Base and Tub Support Welding Machines
  Tub Form and Weld Equipment
  Reinforcement Sub-assembly Welding Machines
  Drive System and Brake Weld/Assembly Systems
  Miscellaneous Sub-assembly Welding Equipment

  Tub Form and Weld Equipment
  Frame Weld and Assembly Equipment
  Door Form and Weld Equipment
  Wire Rack form, Weld, Trim, Debur Machines

  Top, Front and Side Panel Form and Assembly Equipment
  Door Form and Weld Machines
  Grating Welders
  Control Panel Welders
  Oven Cavity Form and Weld Machines

  Resistance welding of cabinet, door, cavity, etc.
  Wire shelf welders