About MLS Systems

MLS Systems world class facility in Findlay, Ohio

Corporate Profile

  • Founded in 1979 as Midwest Laser Systems.
  • Serving the Major Appliance and Automotive Industries.
  • 50,000+ Sq. Ft. under one (1) roof.
  • Heavy crane capabilities.
  • Complete facility includes fabrication, machining, electrical, assembly, and test.
  • Dedicated workforce to guarantee quality and delivery at an economic cost level.
  • Sales, Engineering, and Administrative offices on-site to ensure quality project management.
  • Exerienced in FMEA, SPC/CPK, and Six Sigma Quality Specifications
  • Services include shipping, installation, startup, rebuild, and training.
  • Designs are produced with the latest in 3-D modeling software.
  • Dedicated to Project Management
  • Experienced with plastics, pre-paint, CRS, stainless and coated metals


MLS Systems Customers Worldwide

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Our mission is to provide, as quoted, on time delivery of quality, competitively priced equipment, staying close to our customers; before a request for quotation, during a project through close project management and after acceptance, all in a participative people oriented environment, generating profit and profit sharing.

Sales & Applications Engineering
Our group of experienced engineers will develop a partnership with your company to solve your production problems from conception to completion. This partnership allows our Mechanical and Controls Engineers, Designers, and Machine Builders to define your equipment requirements and provide the most efficient and effective solution. This provides a competitive proposal for highly reliable, fully tested and delivered on time equipment ready for smooth integration into your production facility. The net result is an outstanding value for our customers.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
A staff of experienced designers uses AutoCAD to design new and rebuild machines to customer specifications and in accordance with the concepts generated by the Sales and Application Engineers. Primary design criteria are (1) customer specifications; (2) part quality/tolerance; (3) maintainability: (4) safety; (5) accessibility.

A complete manufacturing facility with up-to-date equipment for fabricating, assembling, wiring, testing, painting, and shipping your equipment. All machines are fully debugged and developed on our floor prior to shipment. Employees are cross-trained to ensure the most efficient operation with the best cost and delivery to the customer. The same technicians that build and test your machine will start it up again at your facility.

Service and Installation
Upon request, shipping and installation at the customer's facility can be included. Along with our long term record for "on-time" delivery comes our un-blotted reputation for back up service and customer support in the field. A one-year warranty is standard, and longer terms can be negotiated to meet your needs. Rebuilding and/or retooling machines is also a large part of the MLS Systems business plan.